The Book of Wealth – History


The first volume of The Book Of Wealth by Hubert How Bancroft was published in 1896 which is a much singled out book in coming century.  It took about six years to complete by the author.  This book narrates the wealth of historic figures and dynasties dating from ancient times up to that time.  The book contains no ancient secrets or advanced wisdom and will not guide you into riches. It is simply a history book and nothing more. Bancroft was a historian: he wrote history.

check over hereThe Book Of Wealth

Out of the 400 copies of total printed, 150 copies were printed in the first edition.  It was called “Cygne Noir”, or “Black Swan”. These first edition copies were signed by Mr. Bancroft and were sold for $,2,500 at that time.Some others argue that the second edition called “Fin de Siècle” or End of the Century were total 250 copies or 950 copies and sold for $1,000 at that time.

The total number of pages of the book was 1000 which divided into 10 volumes of 17″ x 22″ size bound in heavy golden silk, lined with white decorative fabric and contain about 3,000 original watercolor and engraved images in twenty chapters.  The famous artists who made paintings for the book were Thomas Moran, G. H. McCord, W. Granville Smith, C. Y. Turner, C. A. Vanderhoff, E. Benvenuto and so on.  The book starts by detailing the nations of antiquity, starting with the oldest, and then moving to the next, and the next, until it finishes with the United States.




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